We have all been there when we have had our kitchen renovated and everything is made to measure and replacing an item can be such a headache. You have to get the same measurements and then get someone to come out re fit it etc…. its stress and headache no one wants.

This customer called us out to have a look at their rare 70cm Gas Cooker thats no longer available. If this could not be fixed it would be a case of re ordering this from Italy. Headache that really is not needed. They gave FIX THAT APPLIANCE a call and we were able to come out and have a look at the issue. We located the issue and managed to repair it and saved the customer over £1400.00, not including the headache and stress and time it would have taken to order a new one and then get it fitted.

Great Mess but this is the appliance
Back to full working condition.

Look no further get in touch with us to FIX THAT APPLIANCE. !!!